emIDE is a free and full-featured IDE (Integrated Development Environment) integrating all features needed for developing and testing professional embedded applications.
Features you can expect follow. An intuitively designed user interface which is not based on Eclipse. An editor which supports syntax highlighting and code completion, typically known only to commercial IDEs. Cross-platform compatibility, support available for ARM/Cortex, PIC32 (MIPS) and Renesas RX targets. Integrated support for the widely popular J-Link/J-Trace line of debug/trace probes to permit direct download and debug of your application in RAM or even Flash, while taking advantage of the embedded industries fastest Flashloaders available. It is also possible to set an unlimited number of breakpoints even when debugging in Flash. emIDE does not limit you to the few hardware breakpoints typically extended by the chosen hardware. All windows within the editor may float or be docked to your desired position, so to fit your aesthetic and work style.

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emIDE comes with following components:

  • The IDE (open source)
  • The GNU ARM GCC toolchain
  • The J-Link Debugger plugin
  • The sample projects

Supported compilers

emIDE can be used with different compilers to support various targets and benefit from the best compiler optimizations for every need.

Upcoming features

Following features are planned for future versions of emIDE:

  • Writing peripheral register values.
  • Variable information on mouse-over.
  • Improvements in editor and project manager.
  • Linux and Mac version of emIDE.
  • Project importer to easily integrate projects (e.g. from uvision, IAR) to emIDE.
  • Support for other compilers like KEIL.
  • ...

If you are missing a feature, feel free to post it in the forum.


02. May 2014 - emIDE V2.20

New release

emIDE V2.20 is available
and comes with the new J-Link Memory Window, which allows periodic reads of the memory content with change highlighting, improved scrolling through memory and writing of memory content.

Documentation for the J-Link Memory Window

11. Apr 2014 - emIDE V2.18

New release

emIDE V2.18 is available.

It includes the latest beta changes and fixes two small bugs.

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