How can I create a clean new project?

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How can I create a clean new project?
Postby nano » 24 Jul 2012 19:10


In Code::Blocks I see a menu entry "File->New->Project".
Where is it in emIDE?

I can only select "Empty File" and "from template".

Can you help?


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Re: How can I create a clean new project?
Postby emIDE » 27 Jul 2012 10:40

The option for a new project is not available at the moment.
I added some options to the project's properties which will not be set in new projects until now.
But I'm working on it and hope I can add the option to create own projects soon.

While it is not possible to create new projects you can use one of the sample projects and replace the files with your own.
If you are using another board please make sure to set it in the Debugger options (Project -> Properties... -> Debugger -> <build target> -> Target device) and use the right linker file (can be set with the option -T in Project -> Build Options -> <build target> -> Linker setting)


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